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Have been a member of The Business Network led by Helen and Russell Bennett for more than five years now. Always valuable events and the shift under current pandemic challenges to the online meetings has been incredibly well handled. Indeed, getting to meet members from further afield has added extra value to the events. If you are a business owner/decision maker looking for relationship-based networking rather than hard-selling, this is the network to try out.
Richard Hagen
Immersive Publishing
This a great network run by Helen Bennett who is passionate about connecting people who believe in building long term relationships. The members are like minded people and are growing their businesses through collaboration. Highly recommended.
Falguni Desai
Favent Consultants Limited
A warm welcome awaits everyone attending this network. A very relaxed and professional meeting. Whilst my business is actually Oxford based, the network includes members from both London and the South East but also members from throughout the UK which really helps me to generate new and valuable contacts.
Stephen Wolfenden
The County Homesearch Company (Oxfordshire) Ltd
I had a truly excellent time. I mentioned to your partner yours was my most favourite networking event I had been to. Have an excellent rest of the week and I look forward to seeing you at future events.
Nathalie White
Colman Coyle Limited
The Best Business Network for serious business people.
Roy Charlton
Braithwaite Limited
More than anything, I've met some great people through the network, I've connected with people I wouldn't normally have and have started to put some partnerships in place. The network also allowed me to showcase my expertise by giving talks. I even received a handwritten thank you card from Helen & Russell who run the group - a heart-warming gesture.
Ashley Woodhall
Practical Infosec
Very focused on helping their members/member organisations thrive by providing access to a strong network of like minded decision makers as well as sharing knowledge on varying key business topics.
Holly Bennett
What is clearly apparent about The Business Network is that, unlike so many other networking groups and events that I have attended, you take an active role in connecting your members where you see there is an opportunity. Typically these networking events are organised, payments are collected from the delegates and the delegates are then left to get on with the networking themselves. Not with The Business Network! This is clearly a differentiator and I'm both surprised and delighted by the level of attention you give to your members, in particular to identifying those potential relationships that could benefit members and making the connections for us where we haven't already had the chance to connect.
Luke Rebbettes
Kingsbrook UK Ltd
I have been very impressed by how quickly Helen and Russell have moved to an online network, much as i miss the monthly lunches. Having members attend the virtual network from around the UK (and not just London) has been a great idea, as has the use of breakout rooms which enable you to get to know better some of the other members. I can also personally vouch for how much Helen helped me with sharing her contacts when I asked if she knew of people that would be useful for me to meet to help me broaden my sports law network.
David Little
Bishop and Sewell LLP
A great networking group hosted by the wonderful Helen and Russell Bennett and attended by a varied and interesting group of primarily SME business owners which has adapted admirably to the "new normal"
Harry Dronfield
Colman Coyle Limited

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